It was a windy rainy day but Ben and Sarah made the very best of it. I have shot previous weddings that Sarah stood in so I knew what I was in for LOL. Sarah doesn’t shy away from having a good time so we knew that the day would be pretty laid back regardless of the weather. A lot of brides would get pretty upset if they had bad weather on their wedding day but I can honestly say I don’t think it really bothered Sarah or Ben. When we left that night they are were all having a great time. One of the things I love about weddings is not only the people you meet but every wedding is different. Not always completely different but there are moments that are very unique to each one. We have shot over 300 weddings and I have never shot a Bride’s mom rocking out the bagpipes during cocktail hour. So I think having fun runs in the family. We would like to wish both Ben & Sarah nothing but the very best for the future.

Photographer = Peartree Photography
Flowers – Trinity’s Floral