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Victoria and John

The best part of our job is the people we get to work with. Victoria and John have been together since grade 9 so I think its safe to say they were meant for each other. Both with amazing families which explains why they are the people they are today.
From picking up Fireball at 11:00am to laughing like little kids during the photo shoot we got to enjoy an amazing day. This is why we do what we do so we can be apart of days like this.
The only problem we had editing this piece was incorporating everything that went on during the day. We had to make some tough decisions on what to include and what to leave out. This is going to make editing their Full Length so much fun. We wish them nothing but the best for the future and we expect a fireball visit the next time you both are home.


Photographer – Jeff Bond – one of my best friends and an amazing photographer.

Music – Matt Moberg – Love on our arms